Sunday, June 5, 2011

Helen Peppe

Head Over Elbows
Poetry by Helen Peppe

I am refined
Certified Organic
A carb delight.
I defy Atkins,
Comfort little kids,
Comfort you and you and you.
Whole wheat, multi grain, brown or white,
Prince, Mueller, Barilla,
You need me, crave me
For energy,
For thought,
For dinner.

Waiting beneath the cheese,
Smother me,
Yearn for me,
Suck me! Eat me!
For I am a macaroni being boiled;
knocking against friends, lovers, enemies,
the side of the pot.
I am a macaroni! I am a macaroni!
I kiss and slide, slippery, swollen,
against the metal and
Ooh, Rhonda.

I'm lucky not to be stuck
tight against the bottom,
And luckier still not to be like Fred,
Who never made it to the pot,
but fell into the gas flame,
licked, hardened by the kiss of fire
yet forever alone

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