The goal of Eric's Hysterics is to feature the highest quality literary humor. It is THE home for the quirky, the whimsical, and the honest stories that exist only to make us smile.

The site is run by Eric M. Bosarge and his dog, Scruffy.

The list of FAQ's below are occasionally asked. In fact, some of the questions have never been asked but we (Eric and Scruffy) thought they would be fun to answer.

Will your site stay on Blogspot forever? Blogspot is a free venue that allowed us to evaluate the market for literary humor before investing the time and energy needed to develop a comprehensive website. We hope to outgrow Blogspot soon, but it's awfully convenient and, did we mention, it's free?

Do you like clowns? No. They are scary. 

Do you give feedback for work submitted? Our policy is to keep a professional distance. But sometimes the editor can't contain his compassionate writer side and will offer constructive feedback. 

Does it bother you to speak in the third person? It takes a little practice, but the editor doesn't mind. 

So you're a writer. Have you written anything I might have read? There's a short humor piece on this site that you can start with. I also write horror, screenplays, and whatever else comes to mind. Google me. I get around. 

Will you post a picture of my cat on the site? It would have to be really, really funny. 

Why did you start Eric's Hysterics?  Once upon a time the editor, then only a writer, had a funny short story he wanted to publish but there weren't many suitable markets for it. Noting how under-represented literary humor was, he decided to create a market devoted to it. 

Is there anything else you'd like to know? No, I'm good. Thanks.